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BRB, gotta save a life | Emergency Veterinarian in Australia | Advocating for Vet mental-health & public awareness of our industry | @introvertedvett

And how it WILL affect you as a pet owner

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The Veterinary Industry is in Absolute Chaos

Right across Australia, Veterinary clinics (from established family-owned general practices to emergency hospitals) are closing their doors. Some for good. Why? They just can’t retain enough staff, nor attract new ones, to optimally run the clinic.

Honestly, I can’t speak for the industry outside of Australia, but realistically I can’t imagine it being too different elsewhere in the world.

But why?

I know, it doesn’t make sense. The pet industry has seen steady growth for the past few decades. It is forecasted to jump to an astounding $358.62 billion industry in the USA by 2027, from the $99 billion industry it is…

Just take a look at the Veterinarians’ oath

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Consider this scenario:

Fever, lethargy and shortness of breath. These symptoms have progressively consumed your life for the past few weeks. You can’t work; you can barely walk five steps without gasping for air. You’re a pasty shell of your former fit self.

Your Doctors run test after test after test but all they can tell you is that you seem to be plagued by an infection of sorts within your lungs. All the antibiotics, steroids and breathing aids they trial don’t seem to put a dent in the disease progression.

But it’s you and…

Veterinary Medicine | Covid-19

I’m talking about Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

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It is not every day that a disease with a one hundred percent fatality rate has a promising treatment. But in the case of cats the world over being affected by Feline Infectious Peritonitis, that day has finally come (rather, has been here for just under a year).

It has happened not because humans are benevolent enough to mass-produce a treatment for all these afflicted cats, but rather because the treatment has been expedited for the management of humans ailed with COVID-19. And cats just benefitted along the way.

What is this miracle treatment you ask? It’s an anti-viral drug…

An open letter from The Introverted Vet

Made by Author using Canva

Dear pet owners, pet lovers and the curious alike,

By now, some of you may have read my controversial article:

I’ve unwittingly poked a bear or two with that one.

Frankly, I never expected my second-ever written article on Medium to have received such viewership and to draw so much blood; yes, there were strongly communicated F-words in a couple of comments, which I reported and they have since been removed (by Medium Staff?).

A couple common disgruntlements shared in the comments were based around the notions that:

  • My list seemed bias towards clients who had a heap of money i.e. …

And how my manic job in Emergency is keeping me sane

Author’s Golden Retriever

If you’re a Veterinarian, one of the more common questions you may get asked is:

“Why did you want to become a Veterinarian?”

The questioner may then answer their own inquiry with the statement:

“You must love animals.”

To Grade 12 me, it just seemed to be pure logic.

First, it was a matter of bulk-eliminating every career in the Humanities—the majority of which I took little interest in, nor had much proficiency in, during my formative years.

Secondly, it was a matter of ruling out careers in the branches of the Sciences that I had the least inclination towards.

Veterinary Medicine | Education

What your pet’s blood is worth

Created by author with Canva

Show of hands… Who’s ever had a pet that needed to receive a blood transfusion?

Now, show of hands… Who’s ever had a pet on a donor list that was called in to donate blood?

Now, who knows what the true cost of a blood transfusion is?

Unfortunately, as I’ll explain, it’s just not as simple as the numbers themselves.

Some of you might have gone to a blood drive and donated blood yourself. It’s a fairly simple process; you fill in a questionnaire, they do a few tests on you, you sit down in a comfy chair and donate…

Have any of these ever happened to you?

Photo by Jake Espedido on Unsplash

Emergency services exist for one reason and one reason alone — to address illnesses and concerns that need management, STAT.

Naturally, this necessitates the adoption of the system of ‘Triage’, meaning ‘To Sort’, so that medical professionals can identify and attend to the most critically ill patients first.

In the Veterinary world, clients will bring their pets in for any number of reasons. Some patients decidedly need a little more urgent care than others, but all concerns are definitely valid. …

Education | Pet Ownership

Is it worth it for YOU?

Photo by Martin Dalsgaard on Unsplash

As an Emergency Veterinarian, discussing an estimate of costs of a pet’s treatment is always that final bit at the end of my consult. And I loath it.

But I appreciate that it’s no walk in the park for you either. After all, your pet is sick and here you are, having to make an unforeseen trip to an unfamiliar Vet clinic, with unfamiliar Vets, that charges more.

The one thing I have noticed is that clients with pet insurance are always quick to chime in saying: “Oh that’s alright, I’ve got pet insurance”.

So does this mean that having…

Animal Advocacy | Veterinary Care

An amalgamated short-story based in truth, from a Veterinarian’s perspective.

Photo by Gastón Blaquier on Unsplash

So, you’re thinking about adding a new member to your family. You’ve been deliberating it for awhile now. You’ve been saving up and talking to your friends who have pets; all have glowing reviews. You’ve gone on a shopping spree and bought toys, accessories and bedding. You’ve moved your furniture around and proofed the house in anticipation.

You’ve done everything you’ve needed to do. All that is left is to make the actual purchase.

You’ve been going through websites for months; but there either isn’t the breed that you want or they’ve all sold out like hotcakes.

One day, you…

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