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Emergency Veterinarian in Australia | Advocating for vet mental-health & public awareness of our industry | @introvertedvett


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Managing client expectations vs. reality

Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash

Have you ever brought your pet to the vet or gone to the doctor yourselves and thought, “Why did they do that?” or “Why is this recommendation or outcome different from what I expected?” Keep reading for my troubleshooting on why.

You’re comparing your vet’s advice to what you read on the internet

With abundantly accessible and overwhelmingly abundant information on the…


The risk that pets face when living in high-rise apartments

Photo by Mario Vazquez on Unsplash

Urban living is popular, and it’s not a trend that is slowing down. As populations increase in cities worldwide, the logical step to accommodate the influx is building more and skyward.

With every occupied apartment unit comes the chance for a pet to share in that little glorious slice of…

Self-preservation or selfishness

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Last week, my veterinary colleague was evicted from their home for being an essential worker.

They shared their dwelling with a couple who had been working from home since the start of the latest set of delta variant lockdowns. …

A shift-worker’s perpective

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Hectic night shift after hectic night shift, I’m tired and I’m worn out.

Shift work is tough. Shift work in healthcare being exceptionally mentally-draining.

The past few weeks have been especially difficult — Sydney is in lockdown due to the spread of the Delta strain. Getting out…


Plus a freaky Halloween bonus

Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash

Welcome to volume II of my “Silly Yet True” series. You’ve enjoyed volume I so much that i’ve decided to keep it going.

For those who haven’t yet read my writings, I’m an Emergency Veterinarian based in Australia and I’ve seen all manner of injuries, toxicities and odd-ball issues. …


Which will prevail?

xnPhoto by odil akhmed on Unsplash

I’m an emergency veterinarian. I recently spent four nights as the sole charge overnight vet at my place of work. The role includes looking after all the in-patients from the specialist services admitted from the daytime as well as seeing emergency consults overnight.

Day one

On the first of my four nights…


When owners just can’t give up their pet’s masculinity

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

What do Kim Kardashian, the world of implants and male pets have in common?

The answer: Neuticles — the world’s first and only testicular implants for pets.

Neuticles were invented by a chap named Gregg A. Miller in 1995 to help ‘neuter-hesitant’ owners overcome the notion of their male pet…

And what it means for all you meat-eaters out there

Photo by abyss on Unsplash

On 16th May 2021, The Toowoomba Chronicle, which is a regional paper in Queensland, Australia, published an article titled “Special Investigation: Why So Many Vets are Taking Their Own Lives”, written by Sue Dunlevy.

In it, the current President of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), Warwick Vale is quoted:


The Introverted Vet

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